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Cover character of Beijing Jingjing Fresh Air Show: Wu Longtao, Chairman of Yimao Filter Materials
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Cover character of Beijing Jingjing Fresh Air Show: Wu Longtao, Chairman of Yimao Filter Materials

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In recent years, the concentration of particulate matter and various harmful substances in the atmosphere has increased, and the air environment has been seriously polluted. As people pay more and more attention to air pollution, the market demand for air purification and fresh air systems is increasing, and the industry is growing rapidly. In addition, with the improvement of consumers 'living standards, indoor air pollution caused by decoration has become the focus of users' attention. Under this background, the Beijing Air Purifier Fresh Air System Exhibition came into being and was successfully held for six consecutive years.

The 2018 Beijing Air Purifier Fresh Air System Exhibition will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on the 28-30th. In the season when the smog is thickening, not only companies such as air purifiers and machine fresh air systems will collectively appear at this exhibition and are established In 2002, a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of filter materials-Yimao Filter Media will also present fluid filtration solutions covering all scenarios of automobiles, households, masks, medical treatment and industry at this exhibition. Complete machine companies provide air filtration materials to empower the industry with powerful air handling capabilities. Prior to the exhibition, Wu Longtao, chairman of Yimao Filtration Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with reporters and explained in detail the beginning and end of the company's development and future vision.

Take action to protect human respiratory health

The reporter learned that the pollutants that have the greatest impact on human health in the air are mainly three types: particulate matter, such as smoke, dust, PM2.5, etc., after being inhaled into the human body, it will enter the bronchioles and even alveoli, and can enter the circulation through the blood gas barrier System, causing asthma and other diseases; gaseous pollutants, formaldehyde, benzene, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, etc., long-term inhalation of gaseous pollutants can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sensory disturbance, decreased immunity, etc., and there is a risk of cancer; microorganisms, bacteria , Viruses, mite corpses, dander, etc., can cause illness and allergies when inhaled into the human body. Air pollution mainly comes from the external environment and indoor decoration pollution. Air purifiers and fresh air systems can effectively reduce hazards. Therefore, these industries have also become electrical appliances for many families in recent years. To measure the pros and cons of \"Kong Jing \" products, the quality of its core accessories-the filter element directly determines the purification effect. Over the past 15 years, Yimao Filter Media has provided powerful air treatment capabilities for complete machine companies with its dedicated, professional and technical reserves and accumulation of experience. The research and development, production and sales of filter core materials have achieved fruitful results in the treatment of solid pollutants, gaseous pollutants, microbial pollutants and other pollutants! Over the years, a large number of intellectual property rights and technical patents have been accumulated, and the continuous improvement of professional air treatment solutions has made Yimao a leading company in domestic air filter materials!

At present, the filtering targets of most domestic air purifiers are mainly inhalable particulate matter, and their purification effects on gaseous pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms are relatively limited. As for Yimao Filter Material, it is necessary to make unremitting efforts for the happy life of the people and contribute to the human respiratory health. These are all reflected in the innovation of products. Wu Longtao said that initially, Yimao used automotive filter media as its entry point, and now it has been extended to fields such as home appliances, medical treatment, labor protection, and industrial applications. The purification scheme of high-end fluid filtration textile materials is becoming more and more perfect, which involves filtering high-end fluid textile materials such as gaseous pollutants, solid pollutants, and microbial pollutants as the\"fist\" products on the market.

In recent years, with the advantages of high efficiency, low wind resistance, high dust holding capacity, long service life and better filtration performance for fine particles, Yimao Filter Media has also broken the monopoly of foreign high-end filter media and launched a series of independent knowledge Products with property rights, these filter materials will greatly enhance the filtering effect of air purifiers and fresh air system filters, and provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for the indoor air purification industry. At present, Yimao filter media has become a leader in the filter media industry, with a market share of 15%, and it is in line with foreign high-end brands.

Talking about the changes in the air purification industry, Wu Longtao said that the air purification market business has narrowed in 2018, and the industry has been under greater pressure, but it has little impact on Yimao Filter Media, which has established its basic advantages. Both year-on-year sales and sales have a certain increase. There is no change in the main business. Wu Longtao said that the company still focuses on functional products and comprehensive solutions. He said that in terms of functional products, especially the removal of toxic and harmful gases and sterilization and anti-viral filters, these products There are only a few suppliers in the industry that can develop and produce, and Yimao Filter Media is just one of them.

In fact, Yi Mao's achievements today are hard-won! Wu Longtao said frankly that China's filter industry started relatively late. In 2002, Yimao started from scratch. At that time, the market was very small, and high-performance materials needed to be imported. At that time, Wu Longtao experienced things that he has never forgotten. When he purchased foreign materials, the money was paid, but the goods could not be delivered. The goods are delivered, there is a problem with the material, and it will not be solved. Due to the unsuccessful purchase of foreign high-end filter media, Wu Longtao sprung up the idea of ​​independent research and development and production of high-end filter media. However, breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end filter media and launching products with independent intellectual property rights are not that simple. In 2002, when Wu Longtao invested in \"\" Great Environmental Protection \"\", the words \"Made in China\" were not as hot as they are today. Wu Longtao, who was in his early years, was determined at that time to let Chinese filter media go to the world stage!

From scratch, it's easy to talk about, but Wu Longtao is unique and has a firm grasp of the industry. At the entry point, choose to start with automotive filters. He told reporters that before 2002, after the people in China bought and used cars and scrapped the filters in the cars, they didn't replace them, and they didn't even know the source of the pollution in the cars! Since there are market opportunities and user pain points, Wu Longtao took this as a breakthrough and committed himself to the filter media industry. Two years later, Yimao has made rapid progress in the automotive field, doubling every year, and then ushered in the outbreak of air purifiers and fresh air equipment. Its R & D and production of high efficiency and low resistance, toxic and harmful gas purification treatment and effective removal of microorganisms, etc. A series of versatile materials quickly became high-end filter materials on the market.

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