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Hiring business elite

Monthly salary range: Salary Negotiable
Recruitment: A few
Welfare introduction: Overtime subsidy Five insurances and one gold 8 hours working system Full attendance award Year-end award Free training Free travel Birthday gift Rich team activities Paid annual leave
deadline: Long-term
Job Responsibilities
1. Keep in touch with new and old customers to increase communication and understand customer needs.
2. Track the production of each single order and deliver the goods to the customer smoothly, collect the money returned in response to the after-sales service.
Job Requirements
1. Have good professional ethics and professionalism, strong business ability, and good personal quality.
2. Like the sales industry, good at communication, and have strong communication skills. Good market development ability, familiar with computer operation and related software applications, prioritize ERP system
Contact: Personnel Commissioner
Telephone: 0769-23321362-8007

Together with Yimao, create a better future and sincerely welcome outstanding people to join us!

Yimao Filter Material Co., Ltd.

The company has more than 160 sets (sets) of fully imported meltblown production lines, modified activated carbon production lines, activated carbon composite production lines, ultrasonic composite production lines.

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