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Eimo 9570K


For USA Orders

1.Manufacturer contact information

l Name: Jiangsu Yimao Filter Media Co.,Ltd

l Address: North side of fudan rd, Sucheng economic and development zone, Suqian, China 223800;

l Contact person: Jason zhang

l Phone number: 008618662520194

l Email:jason_zhang@dgyimao.com.cn

l Model number: 9570K



2.CDC NIOSH Test Resulteimo-9570K1



Filtering facepiece respirator 

Product information

Model number: 9570K

Material: Ultra fine melt blown

Standard: GB2626-2006<Respiratory protective equipment-Non-powered purifying particle respirator>

Wear check

Positive pressure test: gently press the mask with both hands, then deliberately exhale, the air should not leak from the edge of the mask

Negative pressure check: gently press the mask with both hands, then breathe in deliberately,the center of the mask should be slightly sunken

(if there is air leakage: please adjust the position of the nose clip and wear until there no more leakage.)


Storage requirements

Store in a well ventilated, dark and dry environment, away form fire and pollution.

Storage temperature: -30'C-40'C

Storage humidity: relatively less than 80%

Term of validity: 3 years


1. Once the mask is damaged or damped or if breather hard when wearing the mask, please change it immediately.

2. Please do not repackage or wash or reuse this disposable mask.


Manufacturer: Jiangsu Yimao Filter Media Co.,Ltd

Address: North side of fudan rd, Sucheng economic and development zone, Suqian, Jiangsu China,223800

Tel:0086-527-8087 6507

Fax:0086-527-8087 6508





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